• Leadership

    2017我被时时彩害死了 www.qdya5.com.cn Get to know our leaders.

  • Careers

    Lead, innovate, analyze, and connect. Explore exciting new career options at Nielsen.

  • Investor Relations

    In more than 100 countries around the world, Nielsen provides clients the most complete understanding of what consumers watch and buy. Learn more about our company.

  • Nielsen Families

    Our panelists enrich our understanding of consumers’ shopping and media habits.

  • Global Responsibility & Sustainability

    Our global teams work together to have an uncommon impact in the marketplaces and communities where we live and serve.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    It’s not just a goal, but a global business imperative. It’s about each of us embracing the talents and ideas of people with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives to drive our continued success in providing clients with the information they need to succeed.

  • Academic Affairs

    Learning is at the core of what we do. We’re honored to lend a hand in shaping the next generation of innovators.

  • Public Policy

    We engage with government officials, industry associations and experts on public policy issues important to our business and to our clients’ businesses.

  • Nielsen Innovate

    We understand the connection between innovation and success. That’s why we launched Nielsen Innovate in 2013, a tech incubator that helps early-stage start-ups grow into successful global companies.

  • Press Room

    Read our latest press releases and connect with our global press team.

  • Awards and Recognitions

    We’re in it for you, not awards. But we’re happy to be recognized.

  • Privacy

    We are committed to responsible stewardship of the data we handle and protecting the privacy of our panelists, associates and the public.

  • Corporate Governance

    We have the honor and responsibility to steward the legacy of integrity set by our founder, Arthur C. Nielsen. Our success as a business depends on trust and independence.

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